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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Voice over Wi-Fi nets big buzz at Interop

Voice over Wi-Fi nets big buzz at Interop
AirMagnet, WildPackets, Opsware and SpectraLink raise visibility for voice over Wi-Fi with new management tools and technology demonstrations.

Lawson merges with Euro counterpart Intentia
System i-focused ERP firms Lawson and Intentia merged this week.

White House report on Avian flu reinforces CIO concerns
A new government report on the Avian flu suggests catastrophic human losses and reinforces what CIOs have been saying for months – this is beyond IT's control.

IT certification losing luster

A pair of recent surveys provides evidence that employers are putting more of a premium on knowledge and experience than certification.

Vendors near agreement for server efficiency standards
Industry leaders plan to release a draft next month spelling out standards for server energy efficiency that could win support from the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Power and cooling experts offer engineering insight
Power and cooling gurus of the IT industry gathered last week in Orlando at the Uptime Institute's symposium on high-density computing. These excerpts are from interviews with specialists from Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP), IBM and American Power Conversion Corp. (APC).

Hardware vendors react to Opteron heat problem
Advanced Micro Devices Inc., (AMD) the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based chip maker, has reported a heat problem with a small percentage of Opteron processors running under three specific conditions.

Business intelligence just the ticket for StubHub
When StubHub wanted to grow its “fan to fan marketplace” for tickets to sports and entertainment events, it implemented a new BI system. Users still didn’t want to let go of Excel.

Security is the name of the game at Interop
Messaging security was a hot Interop topic, rivaled only by every other aspect of security. Vendors rolled out wares to protect messaging systems and other points on the network.

Oracle updates RFID server, but is it innovative enough?

Oracle has announced several RFID-related enhancements to its Sensor Edge Server, but one industry experts thinks that both Oracle and rival SAP need to do more to innovate on RFID technologies.

SAP leads Oracle in order management, Forrester says

The latest report from Forrester Research gives SAP a lead over Oracle's E-Business Suite and Siebel software in order hub management.

New report could spell trouble for Quantum

New analyst research shows that users are buying more high-end tape libraries, and DLT is in decline -- a bad sign for Quantum and ADIC.


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