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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wikis and blogs transforming workflow

Wikis and blogs transforming workflow
A year ago they were little more than geeky playthings. Now wikis and blogs are the hottest tools in workflow and productivity management.

Oracle to certify Siebel apps on Fusion Middleware
Oracle outlined plans for extending back office integration to Siebel's front-end systems at the Collaborate conference held this week.

Virus onslaught sickens smartphones
Mobile devices are still somewhat of an unknown. They’re out there, but they’ve only just begun. What are they, what do they do, and what can you do for protection?

Will Schwartz add more Windows to Sun?
With Jonathan Schwartz now at the helm of Sun Microsystems, could stronger bonds with Microsoft be in the cards?

Open source EnterpriseDB takes aim at Oracle customers
In an interview with, Andy Astor, EnterpriseDB's president and chief executive officer, discusses his firm's plans to lure Oracle customers over to the open source world.

Special Report: To executives, intrusion defense is a hard sell
In the second installment of our special three-day series, Intruder Alert, security administrators say intrusion defense frustrates them not only because executives are reluctant to buy in, but also because even the top products have a long way to go.

IE 'object' tag flaw found
Attackers could launch malicious code and corrupt system memory by exploiting the latest Internet Explorer flaw. Experts suggest avoiding untrusted Web sites.

Microsoft customers want more out-of-cycle patches
Customers say Microsoft was right to issue an out-of-cycle fix for its flawed Windows Explorer patch. In fact, they wish the vendor would do it more often.

SMB IT spending strongest in three years
IT budgets for small and medium-sized businesses are expected to rise 7% in 2006, up from 4.8% in 2005, and slightly ahead of 2004, according to a new report. Hardware and security are priorities.

EMC Clariion users make wish list
EMC's new Clariion arrays are still little more than speculation and rumor, but that didn't stop users at EMC World from talking about what they hope for in the new products.

EMC users iron out software bugs
As EMC moves further into software, its users are increasingly dealing with the same bug-fix issues that they would with any software company.

EMC plots appliance strategy
EMC launches second appliance for application discovery and says many more are on the way.

Microsoft Service Desk could be tough sell
Even by adding a service desk to its System Center portfolio, it won't be easy for Microsoft to entice Windows shops that have already invested time and money in third-party products.


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