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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

TechTarget News Roundup -- April 19th, 2006

IBM touts VoIP on System i for SMBs
VoIP isn't new, but it is new to System i. With many small companies just starting to get involved with IP telephony, IBM claims it’s the right time to bring its machine onboard.

CIOs find respect (and money) retain top workers
As the demand for highly skilled tech workers intensifies, CIOs might be tempted to try creative tactics to keep them. But experts say a little respect (and more money) goes a long way.

Cray spin-off tackles virtual machine sprawl
Cassatt Corp. jostles for position in crowded virtual management market, raising the question: Where should virtual machine management come from?

Wireless IDS/IPS thwarts mall intruders
Siemens yesterday announced the addition of IDS/IPS and location services to its HiPath wireless line, which the largest shopping mall in the world will use to secure its WLAN.

Oracle fixes 36 more vulnerabilities
Reducing its load from the previous quarter, Oracle has released 36 patches for vulnerabilities in its various products.

Microsoft to close security updates on old Windows
As of mid-July, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates for Windows 98 and Windows Me. Experts say the decision is likely long overdue.

SMB cyberthreats on the rise
Two recent studies suggest the nation’s small businesses are more vulnerable to cyberattacks than ever before.

Windows Storage Server R2 replaces IP SAN
Wireless equipment provider Comarco is replacing an IP SAN from Intransa with HP's Windows Storage Server 2003 R2, cutting its costs in half.

What the new Office means for developers
Visual Studio Tools for Office lets developers customize Office documents and applications. Once Office 2007 comes out, the UI Ribbon can be given a new look, too.

Podcast: MIX06, Patterns & Practices, Windows on a Mac
Our latest podcast summarizes the MIX06 Web developers' conference and Microsoft's latest patterns & practices Summit. We also peer through a "Window" into Apple.

Microsoft service desk partner to add option for MOM
Asset management software maker PS'Soft will add to its Windows management inventory by releasing service desk software that is integrated with MOM.


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