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Monday, May 01, 2006

Security Blog Log: Burning about Firefox recruitment

Security Blog Log: Burning about Firefox recruitment
A security blogger frowns on an independent group's efforts to force IE users onto the Firefox bandwagon. Plus, an international fight over identification cards.

New IE flaws bring tally to three
Two more security holes surfaced in Internet Explorer Thursday, on top of one announced Tuesday. Attackers could exploit the latest flaws to install malicious ActiveX controls and read sensitive data.

Wireless trespasser stopped dead in his tracks
A security expert working at a California government office spotted an unauthorized person trying to bridge onto the wired network through a wireless NIC card. He put a stop to it.

Cisco boosts speed, security of 7200 router
Cisco has added three modular upgrades to the 7200 Series router, providing services aggregation at headquarters for the Integrated Services Router in branch offices.

Splunk and CA unite for IT troubleshooting
Splunk and Computer Associates have combined their respective IT troubleshooting software. To analysts, it’s a match that makes sense and reflects a need for simplicity in increasingly complex data centers.

At university, GroupWise on Linux beats out Exchange
When Golden Gate University's e-mail/collaboration software needed an update, Exchange was on the eval list. In this story, GGU's IT team explains why Exchange wasn't chosen and the university is pursuing an aggressive new Linux and open source strategy.

HDS wins enterprise NAS
After sweeping Storage magazine's Quality Awards for SAN products, Hitachi Data Systems also places first for enterprise NAS, while NetApp continues to rule the midrange.

Sun props up storage line in quarterly update
Among the highlights: updates to its mainframe VTL, a new NAS gateway and a change in the story about the long-delayed Honeycomb CAS system.

Virtual Server SP1 beta readied
If you’re testing Microsoft’s Virtual Server 2005 R2, support for Intel and AMD hardware is on the way in the form of a service pack beta.


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