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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

TechTarget News Roundup -- April 25th, 2006

CIOs voice skepticism about Sun CEO impact
Scott McNealy seems to have plenty of confidence in his handpicked successor, Jonathan Schwartz, but CIOs wonder if he’s the man to reinvigorate Sun.

State of the blade: Report from the Server Blade Summit
According to attendees at the Server Blade Summit last week, IT shops are standardizing on single vendor platforms for consolidation. Analysts say IBM is leading the pack.

TranTech reins in data center sprawl at U.S. Census
An Alexandria, Va.-based project management firm helped the U.S. Census Bureau gut its IT operations and consolidate onto blade servers.

VoIP better, cheaper than TDM upgrade for medical imaging center
As business continued to grow, Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging center needed to boost its infrastructure. The company added a voice system from Mitel and FastIron switches with Power-Over-Ethernet from Foundry.

Data center dos and don'ts: Virtualization
Wade Reynolds and David Marshall offer handy security tips and advice on how and where to use virtualization in the data center.

Special Report: Ideal intrusion defense combines processes and people
What defines good enterprise intrusion defense? In the first installment of our special three-day series, Intruder Alert, IT pros say the best programs not only thwart the bad computing habits of insiders, but also the spyware and other malware they allow in.

Special Report: 'Intruder Alert' -- Looking at the numbers
In February, surveyed more than 300 security professionals from a variety of industries regarding their intrusion defense programs. Here is a look at the questions we asked and the answers provided by our respondents.

Security Bytes: More flaws in Mac OS X
In other news: Financial firms scramble over massive online heist, Symantec warns of Scan Engine flaws and a new Snort-based tool is unveiled.

User connects EMC Clariions over Cisco for DR
It took five rounds of talks with EMC and some technical help from Cisco, but AQR Capital has a working DR plan connecting EMC Clariion's over 50 miles using Cisco.


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