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Thursday, April 27, 2006

All eyes on virtual apps at the Microsoft Management Summit

All eyes on virtual apps at MMS
Application virtualization demos set hearts afire at the Microsoft Management Summit. Could it be the next big thing after server virtualization?

Microsoft gobbles asset manager
At the Microsoft Management Summit 2006, the company said it acquired AssetMetrix and will integrate the features into its management tools.

Oracle to support J.D. Edwards suites indefinitely
Alongside a new release of EnterpriseOne software, Oracle announced full support for JDE suites at the Collaborate '06 user group meeting in Nashville, Tenn.

Taking corporate openness to the next level
Some organizations are turning to social media formats to communicate with internal and external clients. But columnist Paul Gillin cautions that all this openness can leave you vulnerable to both positive and negative feedback.

CIOs to Sun: Give us business solutions
IT experts have words of wisdom for Sun as the company begins a new era in management.

Marketers losing touch with customers
Hyperion rallied its users to a revolution, calling for "actionable insight for all."

Oracle beefs up database security at Collaborate '06
Oracle’s new Database Vault and Secure Backup offerings promise to make it easier to avoid internal threats and automate disk-to-tape backup. talked to Oracle’s Mark Townsend at Collaborate ’06 in Nashville to find out more.

Podcast: SAP user group head explains SAP successes, challenges
ASUG president Mike Perroni talks about the latest SAP technologies, why SAP customers are slow to upgrade and what to expect at this year’s ASUG and Sapphire user conferences.

Special Report: With intrusion defense vendors, one size doesn't fit all
In the final installment of our special three-day series, Intruder Alert, a majority of IT shops say they rely on Cisco and Symantec for intrusion defense. But others say they're just as happy using free open source tools.


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