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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Microsoft & SAP to release Mendocino as Duet, unveiling

Microsoft, SAP to release Mendocino as Duet, unveil
Microsoft and SAP are unveiling the jointly developed Mendocino project as Duet and went live with to explain the details.

IBM cuts prices for System i Enterprise, HA servers
Price tags on IBM's System i enterprise edition and High Availability (HA) servers are aimed at the traditional iSeries sweet spot -- the midrange.

Energy consortium takes aim at bottom line
The Green Grid, AMD's new consortium on energy-efficient computing, is intended to help CIOs get power consumption and cooling under control in the data center.

Taking the tears out of tiered storage
In an environment where the increase in data shipped for storage far outpaces the decreases in storage costs, tiered storage looks like a no-brainer. Making it happen is turning out to be a brainteaser even for the smartest IT shops.

Sun offering Solaris update, free trial on servers
Sun will ship out an upgrade to its Solaris 10 OS next month and is offering a free trial on a line of servers to increase its presence in the x86 market.

ITIL expert gives advice on data center relocation
Moving a data center demands vigorous scrutiny beforehand to ensure a smooth swap. But Fred Latala, a data center relocation expert at Forsythe Solutions Group, said ITIL can help.

VoIP applications starting to take hold
For VoIP to really take hold, enterprises have to look at which applications can be tied into the voice system. Research firm IDC suggests that some are starting to take notice.

Citrix and Crescendo hit the application acceleration gas pedal at Interop
At Interop this week, Citrix and Crescendo announced new products in their application acceleration lines.

Zero-day flaws target 'safe' programs
The SANS Institute says many critical flaws are appearing in programs long considered to be safe alternatives to Windows. Apple's reputation, in particular, "is in tatters."

Security Bytes: Phishing scheme targets American Express customers
Meanwhile: Personal data on 66,000 newspaper subscribers is leaked online, and a Trojan horse hijacks data and demands ransom.

IBM slashes price to win EMC customer
The battle between IBM and EMC is heating up, and as the case of one drugstore chain shows, the winner may actually be the customer.

Atlas: Think before you lift
In classical mythology, Atlas bore the weight of the heavens and the earth on his back. If you don't want to share his fate, be careful about deploying Microsoft Atlas technology. Though it's state-of-the-art, it's also pre-release and not right for every project.

IT admins want more product integration from Microsoft
IT administrators aren't asking for products to be merged, but they would like to see better integration between the platforms.


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