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Monday, May 15, 2006

Monster fix for Apple's OS X and Quicktime

Monster fix for Mac OS X, QuickTime
Apple Computer has patched more than 25 flaws in its operating system and updated its media player to address 12 vulnerabilities.

Security Blog Log: Data storage bills go to extremes
Lawmakers miss the middle ground when it comes to how long electronic data should be stored. Meanwhile, a hacker defaces electronic subway signs to suggest prime minister is a monster.

CDW improves backup server speeds by 1,000%
Tech retailer CDW consolidated 18 backup servers to an EMC Clariion disk library, radically improving its backup operation.

Wired, wireless access control unified with HP ProCurve module
HP ProCurve today announced a module to its 5300 switch that unifies the wired and wireless networks and makes them centrally manageable.

PostgreSQL vs. SQL Server: PostgreSQL is right for the Microsoft stack
Is open source database PostgreSQL ready to replace Microsoft's SQL Server in the enterprise? Web application developer and author W. Jason Gilmore tackles the question in this column.

MySQL CEO Mickos: Beware of proprietary vendors’ giveaways
Beware proprietary vendors bearing free software. MySQL AB CEO Marten Mickos warns users to watch out for vendor lock-in strategies and overpriced service organizations.

MIT demos 1 PB IP SAN
MIT will announce a mammoth IP SAN that also includes IP multicasting, which is already proving a boon to the consumer and SMB market.


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