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Thursday, May 18, 2006

What is an IT security professional, anyway?

Opinion: What is an IT security professional, anyway?
The problem with information security certifications isn't that they're being offered to those without experience, writes Pete Herzog. The real issue is that security pros are often measured by their test-taking skills, not their ability to apply what they know.

Security Bytes: AV giants team up against eBay pirates
In other news, a new poll shows Cisco and Microsoft reaping the benefits of security spending and Sun addresses a Java flaw.

Business intelligence hits the beach

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism deployed a business intelligence system to increase tourism and gain a better understanding of vacationers.

Voice, video, Web conferencing brings global business together
Voice, video and Web conferencing from Interwise has become as important as email to one global company, whose employees -- in 60 countries -- all need to stay in contact.

Network analysis tool gives managers a ‘heads up’
NetScout recently rolled out a new network analysis tool that understands network behavior and presents managers with information when that behavior changes. UPS has been testing it out.

SAP gives customers sneak peak at new interface
SAP customers running mySAP Business Suite applications will soon have a simplified GUI to work with.

New SAP NetWeaver venture fund to spur development
SAP's new $125 million venture fund looks to foster composite application development on the NetWeaver platform.

SAP executives urge customers to upgrade
There's no better time to upgrade to the latest version of SAP to take full advantage of NetWeaver, according to SAP executives at the Sapphire user conference this week.

Tiered storage shifts focus away from disk
At Storage Decisions, users and analysts discussed creative ways to tier storage according to levels of data protection and storage services, rather than disk costs.

Xiotech and Prism settle grievances in arbitration

Xiotech and one of its key resellers, Prism, have parted ways in a vicious legal dispute that highlights the fierce competition in the industry.


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