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Friday, May 19, 2006

Microsoft swallows Whale to boost data security offerings

Microsoft swallows Whale to boost data security offerings

Microsoft expanded its security technology arsenal with the acquisition of privately held Whale Communications, a maker of SSL VPN and application firewall software.

Microsoft shares Vista hardware requirements

Microsoft has come clean about the hardware requirements necessary to get optimal performance out of Windows Vista, its next-generation operating system.

Managing Active Directory users: Getting from Point A to Point B
This is the second in a two-part series on the use of multi-platform management tools to unify heterogeneous environments under Microsoft Active Directory.

App security vendors bridge gaps in SDLC roles

SPI Dynamics puts QA and security testers on the same page with new integration; Fortify Software joins the FindBugs project to give developers a single view of quality and security issues.

SAP marries CRM on-premise to CRM on-demand

The new hybrid option will allow customers to start quickly with the hosted option and gradually move to on-premise with the same user interface.

Email archiving: Should storage pros keep everything?

From conniving lawyers to dodgy tape practices, here are some of the juicy tidbits we heard on the show floor and during sessions at Storage Decisions.


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