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Monday, March 27, 2006

TechTarget News Roundup --- March 27, 2006
Protecting the crown jewels of IT -- the application layer,289142,sid92_gci1174896,00.html
Risk at the application layer was one of the themes at Boston's SecureWorld, but both security tools vendors and attendees stress more education is needed among developer communities.
Golden's Rules: Why new chips + Xen = dream machines,294698,sid39_gci1176065,00.html
Consultant Bernard Golden explains why new multi-core processors from Intel and AMD, teamed with Xen virtualization, will lead to super PCs, laptops and servers.
Microsoft warns of brand-new IE exploit code,289142,sid14_gci1175559,00.html
The software giant offers workarounds for the so-called createTextRange flaw as security experts issue sober warnings about the potential impact.

Check Point drops plans to acquire Sourcefire,289142,sid14_gci1175561,00.html
Amid controversy, the companies have decided to pursue alternative ways to partner in the security solutions business.

Security Blog Log: Clues point to bot ‘sleeper cells’,294698,sid14_gci1175159,00.html
This week, security bloggers see signs of a massive bot attack in the works, while Sunbelt Software warns of a Russian Web site selling eBay accounts.
Hospital admin talks shop,289142,sid5_gci1175834,00.html
Hal Weiss of Baptist Memorial Healthcare talks to about data growth, maintaining patient confidentiality and learning to forecast storage needs the hard way.
High expectations in enterprise not dampened by Vista delay,289142,sid1_gci1175692,00.html
Windows managers, analysts weigh in on the new plans to delay the release of Vista.

Microsoft shakeup: Nash is out,289142,sid1_gci1175379,00.html
Microsoft has made another sweeping reorganization. Among the changes? Mike Nash, corporate vice president of the security technology unit was put on hold.


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