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Friday, March 17, 2006

TechTarget News Roundup -- March 15, 2006
Gartner: Outsourcing deals based on price alone are likely doomed,289142,sid19_gci1173176,00.html
According to a new study, if you selected a vendor based on cost savings alone your bubble is bound to burst.
The biggest customers aren't always best,289142,sid11_gci1173136,00.html
A Portland supply company found that its biggest customer was costing it money and now its sales force is focused on margins over revenue.
Could March Madness cripple the network?,289142,sid7_gci1173125,00.html
CBS Sports this week will offer all games of the 2006 NCAA basketball tournament online as streaming video. But if end-users tune in, the network could drop out.
Red Hat pledges 'integrated virtualization' platform,289142,sid39_gci1172935,00.html
Red Hat executives announced that the next evolution of the enterprise Linux platform would have an integrated, easy-to-install virtualization platform.
Nuclear management firm to drop J.D. Edwards, deploy SAP,289142,sid21_gci1173123,00.html
Framatome ANP Inc., a maintenance and component provider to nuclear power plants, is implementing SAP and integrating project data using SAP and Impress Software.

Podcast: SAP CRM on demand; Mendocino unwrapped,289142,sid21_gci1173185,00.html
In our inaugural podcast, we discuss SAP's entry in the hosted CRM market and hear the latest on the SAP-Microsoft Mendocino software.
Companies fear dark corners of the virtual world,289142,sid14_gci1172905,00.html
According to a recent IBM survey, enterprises are now more concerned about threats in cyberspace than about those in the physical world.

Pair of Microsoft patches fixes seven flaws,289142,sid14_gci1172938,00.html
The software giant addresses six critical security holes in Microsoft Office and an “important” vulnerability in Windows. Attackers could exploit them to hijack workstations and run malicious code.

Adobe fixes critical Macromedia flaws,289142,sid14_gci1173072,00.html
Flash, Shockwave and other multimedia products could leave systems vulnerable to attack via a malicious Shockwave Flash object file. The vendor recommends users update immediately.

Security Bytes: Authorities lasso alleged debit fraud ring,289142,sid14_gci1172807,00.html
Meanwhile: Apple makes a new fix; a Trojan locks down files, demands ransom; a faulty McAfee AV finds too many viruses; Liberty Alliance deployments expand.
When bigger isn’t always better for SMBs,289142,sid44_gci1172930,00.html
Enterprise-class technology is tempting to midsized companies, especially when the prices start to drop. But experts warn that buying up isn't necessarily buying smart.
Virtualization user determined to make it work,289142,sid5_gci1173086,00.html
After its first virtualization project failed, a Midwestern manufacturing firm found the benefits of the technology compelling enough to search for another vendor and try again.
Forrester: The two faces of SOA management,289142,sid26_gci1173157,00.html A recent Forrester report divides products into two functional camps – pure management and security, and those that offer some additional business insight.

SAML declares victory, closes in on a billion IDs,289142,sid26_gci1172843,00.html The Liberty Alliance estimates that it will issue more than one billion SAML federated identities before the end of the year.

SOA Software declares independence for UDDI registries,289142,sid26_gci1172604,00.html UDDI takes another step toward commoditization as Flashline, Infravio, LogicLibrary, and Systinet sign on to registry-independent concept with SOA Software.


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