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Thursday, March 23, 2006

TechTarget News Roundup - March 23,2006
CIOs get March Madness sanity check,289142,sid19_gci1174666,00.html
Employees watching NCAA games on company time may create countless problems for CIOs. But denying access to the Net is not the answer.
Hybrid CRM deployments trickle in,289142,sid11_gci1174735,00.html
Despite the benefits cited by analysts and vendors alike, companies deploying both on-demand and on-premise CRM are few and far between.
New Trojan, kernel-level rootkit have ‘frightening capabilities’,289142,sid14_gci1174522,00.html
Thousands of users already are at risk after being infected with the Alcra worm, whose payload takes Trojans to a whole new level.

Surveillance exposes malware that comes back from the dead,289142,sid14_gci1174455,00.html
By using test machines to surf questionable Web sites, one vendor has found malware that outsmarts today's defenses, often by recreating itself after being deleted.

Microsoft investigates two IE flaws,289142,sid14_gci1174654,00.html
Attackers could use the latest security holes to cause a denial of service or launch malicious code. Proof-of-concept exploit code has been written for one flaw.
Amazon search unit deploys SAN file system,289142,sid5_gci1174635,00.html
Alexa, the Web search subsidiary of, went with a SAN file system from Ibrix when it came time to offer its data as a service to other developers. Microsoft covers browsers and beyond with new framework,289142,sid8_gci1174698,00.html
At MIX06, Microsoft showed Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) apps that ranged beyond the Web browser to include mobile devices and widescreen TV.
Licensed enterprises will see Vista in November,289142,sid1_gci1174576,00.html
Microsoft customers with Enterprise agreements will get Vista bits in November. Everyone else will have to wait until January.


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