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Friday, March 17, 2006

TechTarget News Roundup -- March 2, 2006
IBM touts iSeries jobs to students,289142,sid3_gci1170442,00.html
IBM customers say Big Blue needs to do more to attract new blood to the iSeries. So IBM is bringing partners to the campus and touting entry level hiring and internships.

COMMON offers discount to Hurricane Katrina victims,289142,sid3_gci1170424,00.html
The iSeries user group COMMON is offering deep discounts to IT professionals in Mississippi and Louisiana who wish to attend its Spring 2006 conference in Minneapolis, MN.
Marketing suites miss the mark,289142,sid11_gci1170304,00.html
Forrester ranked the top marketing automation vendors but found that none have a comprehensive platform.
Itanium still strong on Unix, not Windows,289142,sid80_gci1170397,00.html
IT chief at Bucks County Community College says he supports the struggling Itanium chip because of its performance but wishes it played better with Windows.

Sun's patch management strategy limited,289142,sid80_gci1170393,00.html
Sun announced plans to buy patch update company Aduva to broaden its patch service to include Linux. Experts say Sun needs to move beyond patching Solaris and Linux.
Staying apps aware keeps Continental in the air,289142,sid7_gci1170414,00.html
Three years after getting slammed by the SQL Slammer worm, Continental’s network is secure. ConSentry Network’s role-based provisioning technology keeps apps, users in check.
Former Interwoven exec: Follow me and switch to open source CMS,289142,sid39_gci1170417,00.html
Alfresco's engineering guru, Kevin Cochrane, has had the job for a short while, but already he sees commercial content management on its head in a year thanks to the open source
Do the big BI vendors really understand your company?,289142,sid41_gci1170435,00.htmlThe leading business intelligence software vendors don’t do enough to cater to individual industries, but some smaller up-and-comers are stepping in to pick up the slack, an outspoken business applications expert said.
Apple fixes more than a dozen OS X flaws,289142,sid14_gci1170300,00.html
The pile of security updates is Apple's response to not only a critical flaw uncovered last week, but also to the recent scrutiny regarding the security of its flagship OS.

Sourcefire's Roesch pledges long, open source life for Snort,289202,sid14_gci1169005,00.html
The Snort creator and Sourcefire CTO sits down with in a no-holds barred interview on the pending Check Point acquisition, the future of IPS and the value of the open source community.

Information security, ‘CSI’ style,289142,sid14_gci1170148,00.html
A consultant to the FBI and Scotland Yard says cybersecurity professionals better be careful when they react to a network intrusion, lest they inadvertently let the crooks escape.
Ski resort deploys NAS with removable disks,289142,sid5_gci1170309,00.html
Park City Mountain Resort left behind Veritas NetBackup and tape libraries for a NAS system from Idealstor that sends backup off site on SATA disks.
Exchange 12 hits beta mark,289142,sid1_gci1170215,00.html
Microsoft’s next-generation messaging software is on track for its late 2006 or early 2007 delivery.


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