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Friday, March 17, 2006

TechTarget News Roundup -- February 22, 2006
CIOs seek 'one version of the truth',289142,sid19_gci1168008,00.html
CIOs are getting buried under mounds of data, but IBM claims to have the tools to help them take data management to the next level.
The 'year of the customer' in the contact center,289142,sid11_gci1168246,00.html
An annual benchmarking study of over 350 contact centers across the globe indicates that many are shifting their focus from cost cutting to improving the customer experience.
Crunch time for BlackBerry users,289142,sid40_gci1168248,00.html
On Friday, a judge will decide if BlackBerry service is shut down in the U.S. The University of Texas San Antonio is making last minute preparations in case they lose service.
Secure routers, Ethernet switches dominated in 2005,289142,sid7_gci1168285,00.html
A pair of studies by Infonetics Research shows that secure routers and Ethernet switches boomed last year.
Golden's Rules: How to modify SugarCRM safely,294698,sid39_gci1168169,00.html
For tips on how to modify and customize SugarCRM, read this report from consultant Bernard Golden regarding a recent corporate implementation of that open source customer relationship management product.
IT pros: We can't stop every threat,289142,sid14_gci1168007,00.html
Mergers, staff shortages and fast tech deployments mean some security incidents probably went undetected last year, a recent survey found, and many fear it will happen again.

Security Bytes: Microsoft frowns on iDefense hacking challenge,289142,sid14_gci1168155,00.html
Meanwhile, Google Desktop Beta carries security risk; Sophos update leads to false positives for Mac malcode; and a Kaspersky glitch causes Microsoft users e-mail trouble.
Credit union takes top-down approach to compliance,289142,sid44_gci1168156,00.html
Regulatory compliance doesn't have to kill your IT staff. This credit union met compliance regulations using a good framework, policies and procedures.

IT Management Guide: CRM for SMBs,295582,sid44_gci1063270,00.html
CRM options for SMBs are rapidly increasing. This IT Management Guide will help you make informed choices with up-to-date CRM news for SMBs, product options, how-to tips and expert advice.
Google Earth powered by ADIC SAN file system,289142,sid5_gci1168128,00.html
DigitalGlobe, which processes satellite images for Google Earth, sends performance into the stratosphere with a SAN file system from ADIC.
Enterprises overly optimistic about Vista security,289142,sid1_gci1168138,00.html
A recent study reveals enterprises have high hopes for Vista’s security features. But Microsoft faces challenges convincing the security market of its leadership abilities.

The war against rootkits in the Windows enterprise,289142,sid1_gci1168115,00.html
Security experts say the threat of rootkits grows daily. So, why aren’t security vendors ready to fight back?


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