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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Read a good Blook recently?

What do you call a blog that has been made into a book?

Why, a "blook", of course!

Tom Evslin is credited with popularizing as the term. His Web site, was first published and serialized online as both a blook and a podcast. It's still available online (some content filters may tag the URL as pornographic, so be warned).

Using the form enabled Evlslin to interact with his readers far beyond those allowed by the classic print medium, including real-time interactions, reader forums and live reviews or discussions.

Evslin is hardly the only blogger to turn a blog into a book, however.

Salam Pax famously blogged from Iraq in 2003 and converted those posts into a book that has made its way to shelves in the US today.

With millions exploring the form, it's likely that these two won't be the last.

Blogger has discussed blogs and books here, though they haven't caught on to the "blook" coinage yet.


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