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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Enterprise Web 2.0

The parts of the blogosphere devoted to the discussion of "Enterprise Web 2.0" have been buzzing this past week over the deletion of "enterprise 2.0" from Wikipedia.

While the entry has since been replaced, there's been plenty of discussion about what exactly the definition should be.

Here's a partial roundup of the bloggers and their posts surrounding the enterprise Web 2.0 entry on Wikipedia:
A rough version of a definition for enterprise Web 2.0 (the term was coined by HBS professor Andrew McAffee) might hit on the following points:
  • use ofweb-based productivity tools to facilitate business communication and the creation of new types of business processes.
  • use AJAX, Ruby on Rails, blogs, Wikis, and RSS
  • use of applications that "live" behind the firewall vs. SaaS
  • use of crowdsourcing
  • use of mash-ups
  • the concept of "emergent technologies"
What do you think? What does "enterprise Web 2.0" mean to you? Are you visiting or contributing to the enterprise Web 2.0 wiki?


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