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Monday, June 12, 2006

Windows admins and developers merge worlds at TechEd

Windows admins and developers merge worlds at TechEd
At Microsoft's big shindig for IT administrators and developers this week, company executives said they are working to bridge the gulf that once divided the two job roles.

Are white hat hackers an endangered species?
The recent prosecution of so-called white hat hackers is fueling a debate over the future of security researchers and acceptable ethics in cyberspace.

Want secure software? Break it first
No software is perfect, but by thinking like a hacker you can better anticipate threats and create a more secure product.

Ounce Labs reaches out to developers
The Ounce 4.0 source code vulnerability analysis tool provides free plug-ins for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and Eclipse, allowing developers to scan code for vulnerabilities.

SMS vs. mobile email: Which is the ‘killer app’?
SMS -- yes, what your kids call text messaging -- is widely used in the enterprise. But can SMS surpass mobile email?

Microsoft to release 12 June security fixes
June's "Patch Tuesday" security bulletins will feature nine Windows fixes, including a cumulative update for Internet Explorer, plus a pair of patches for Office and one for Exchange.

Security Blog Log: Confessions of a spam gangsta
Ryan Pitylak explains why he went from sending spam to fighting it. Meanwhile, bloggers react to news that active duty personnel were also affected by the VA data theft.

Security Bytes: Man charged with stealing, selling VoIP service
In other news, hackers target an older Microsoft flaw and a security hole affects Internet Explorer, Firefox and other browsers.

Security Bytes: CPAs facing data fraud risk
Plus, blackmailing malware storms Russia; two adware firms merge; and HP addresses a Sendmail flaw in HP Tru64 UNIX and HP Internet Express.

NetApp's OnTap GX finally shipping
NetApp ships OnTap GX; beta user Industrial Light & Magic says it's a huge improvement over existing systems but needs better management suite.

Updated record retention laws cause groans
Amendments to rules governing electronic discovery are met with criticism by lawyers and compliance officers at a record retention show in NYC.


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