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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Who, or what, is reading your email?

Who, or what, is reading your email?
According to a new survey, fear of data leaks has caused many large companies to hire staff specifically to read and analyze outbound employee email.

Security Bytes: CPAs facing data fraud risk
Meanwhile, blackmailing malware storms Russia; two adware firms merge; and HP addresses a Sendmail flaw in HP Tru64 UNIX and HP Internet Express.

CIO Decisions 2006: Reporter’s Notebook -- Day Two
It's day two and our reporters are still sniffing out the good stuff. Here are a few items we thought were particularly poignant.

CIO Decisions Conference 2006: Playing hardball with your vendor
As the economy picks up, vendors are becoming more brazen, changing terms and using contract loopholes to walk away from small deals to land the big fish. An IT attorney gives midmarket CIOs a primer on how to level the playing field at the negotiating table.

CIO Decisions 2006: Forget skill sets, find yourself a board to sit on
Will you be a CIO in five years? Do you want to be? Whatever your direction, you’ve got to have a plan and it must include at least two things: business skills and experience serving on the board of other companies.

Wachovia shifts focus from customer satisfaction to customer equity
The nation's fourth-largest bank is extending its focus on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty to lifetime value, hoping to capitalize over the long term.

Red Hat, JBoss execs call for Java openness
As Red Hat finalized the acquisition of JBoss, senior vice president of enterprise applications Tim Yeaton said the failure to make Java completely open is a disappointment to those who rely on the technology in their products.

VMware users want more for storage
Users say that VMware could add more storage capabilities or do more to align with storage software vendors.

News Nuggets: Microsoft, Verizon, Global Crossing and Juniper in the news
A Microsoft and Verizon-sponsored study touts collaboration as a key business tool; softphone integrates Intel technology support; voice and fax over IP gateways target SIP-enabled businesses.

Infrastructure Master: Dissecting the Active Directory architecture
Understanding these key Active Directory components and the interaction among them assists in the design, implementation and troubleshooting of an Active Directory network. Dean Wells focuses on the technical motivations, the role and specific behaviors of the Infrastructure Master and its related and/or dependent technologies.


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