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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Step-by-Step Guide: Data recovery

Step-by-Step Guide: Data recovery
The next time someone loses some important data, understanding how the process of data recovery works can come in handy. This Step-by-Step Guide explains the procedures and technologies that can help you recover data, including bootable disks, Norton Disk Editor, clusters, FAT and NTFS, corrupt boot sectors, and the issue of long file names.

ERP, CRM drive modest hiring gains in tight market
CIOs are hiring, but for very specific purposes -- and according to a new survey, it’s likely they’ll have to up the ante in order to get the very best talent.

Electronic medical record system gets a leg-up with CDI
Healthcare provider Sentara used customer data integration software to prepare for an electronic medical record project, diminish duplicates, and match patient data across systems.

DBAs not yet planning for unplanned downtime
Companies need to do more to reduce the amount of database downtime resulting from both planned and unplanned events, a new IOUG survey finds.

Scripting in a Box adds new languages for SAP ABAP developers
A new programming environment developed by an SAP product specialist puts Pearl, Python, PHP and Ruby in the hands of SAP developers.

Microsoft to SAP: My dog food is better than yours
SAP customers can expect to see more and more sales calls from Dynamics about which brand of dog food they should be feeding their subsidiaries.

Passing the blame on regulatory compliance
Miscommunications often cause rifts between security pros and auditors, but an analyst at this year's Burton Group Catalyst Conference said it doesn't have to be that way.

Storage startups gain users' trust
An influx of new customers for storage startups may mean the old phrase, "No one ever got fired for buying from IBM," may be falling out of favor.

Presence debate heats up at Catalyst
Presence is still lagging when it comes to enterprise deployments. Some blame the lack of federation. A panel of experts at last week’s Catalyst Conference touched on the technology and debated where it is and where it should go.

Microsoft's new security boss envisions hands-on role
Ben Fathi, the new face of Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft, expects to get more involved in security design and development.


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