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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

SSL VPN use fueled by security needs

SSL VPN use fueled by security needs
A poll of 250 small, midsized and large companies conducted by Infonetics Research found that security is still the biggest driver for deploying SSL VPNs.

Authentication, SSO tool aids Web app security
Ping Identity has announced PingLogin, an authentication and single signon (SSO) framework for consumer-facing online services and Web

Onyx to be acquired by private firm
Onyx has entered an agreement to be bought by M2M Holdings, further consolidating CRM's midmarket.

Open source software quality in limelight at Red Hat Summit
At the 2006 Red Hat Summit, Red Hat put the engineers on stage to talk about the high quality open source software standards it hopes will become pervasive throughout the software industry.

Iron Age Shoes gives the boot to Microsoft and SAP
When Iron Age Shoes execs wanted to gain more insights into business processes, they chose the Oracle E-Business Suite over competing products from Microsoft and SAP.

Data theft roundup: More laptops stolen, roughly 300,000 at risk
Three stolen laptops jeopardize the personal information of former supermarket employees, customers of and members of the YMCA.

Security Bytes: Major spammer offers an allocution
In other news, a new Snort fix is released; Microsoft launches two Web-based security services; and a group forms to tackle health industry security holes.

Mainframe shops scramble to encrypt tapes
Laws across the country are prompting users to start encrypting mainframe backups, but getting tape encryption products to work with primary storage is causing headaches.

Asterisk rolls out major updates
Digium, maker of open source PBX Asterisk, yesterday announced enhancements to its Business Edition at GlobalComm 2006.


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