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Monday, June 19, 2006

Microsoft Excel zero-day flaw discovered

Microsoft Excel zero-day flaw discovered
Attackers could exploit the Excel zero-day flaw to launch malicious code. Security experts say users should beware of emails with Excel file attachments.

Microsoft’s security strategy will outlast Gates
Industry analysts say Bill Gates' transition away from Microsoft's day-to-day business won't alter the company's security course.

Security Blog Log: Doing good with exploit code
This week, IT pros take note of the latest Microsoft patches and exploit code. Also, a look at why exploit code isn't always evil.

What's in your security toolbox?
Joe Stagner, Microsoft technical evangelist and developer community champion, shared with Software Security Summit attendees tools he's found that help secure applications.

How things break -- Securing your software
Application security expert Gary McGraw says you need to put your black hats on and start thinking like bad guys if you want to have secure software.

Linux desktop adoption barriers: Open source apps development, integration
Find out why one desktop advocate thinks that most sys admins and developers couldn't care less about the upcoming Vista release and how the Linux desktop remains ahead of the game.

Holographic storage promises 10 TB disks
InPhase and Optware will finally ship the first commercial holographic storage disks this year.


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