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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

JavaScript worm spreads through Yahoo Mail

JavaScript worm spreads through Yahoo Mail
JS.Yamanner manages to propagate when end-users view a malicious email. A fix has been released, but other Web applications using JavaScript may soon be affected.

Firewall-free security doable, but not ideal
IT pros say organizations have put too much faith in firewalls at the expense of other needed security programs, but they're still a key part of a layered defense.

CIO Decisions 2006: Honesty holds team together during buyout
Why honesty is the best policy: Advice from a CIO who held his team together when a billion dollar company came courting.

CIO Decisions 2006: Driving ROI with dashboards
Eastern Mountain Sports CIO Jeff Neville says smart dashboards can lead to positive ROI and happy CEOs.

Sprint shares its best practices in text chat
For telecomm giant Sprint, text chat is starting to provide not just customer loyalty but sales benefits as well.

Mobile CRM makes its move
Once again, analysts and experts are saying that mobile CRM is ready to take off, but this time the idea may have some legs.

Egenera upgrades blade server management software
Egenera has upgraded its blade server management software, allowing data center pros to select from a larger variety of blades for dealing with specific workloads.

Five best practices for Oracle applications developers
Folks attending the New England Oracle Users Group conference yesterday got a refresher on some best practices designed to make sure that apps developers don’t go messing up production boxes.

New York museum shuns SAN
New York's Museum of Modern Art claims it saved $50,000 a year on maintenance costs alone by ditching its SAN for DAS and NAS islands.

IT managers bullish about software services
Software as a service is an idea that many IT managers want to embrace, but there are loads of details that need to be ironed out.


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