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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wake-up call for CIOs as Symantec flaw outed

Wake-up call for CIOs as Symantec flaw outed
The disclosure last week of a major flaw in Symantec’s antivirus software is another reminder for CIOs that organizations need multiple layers of protection, analysts warn. Security should also factor into your evaluation of every commercial software product you deploy.

Voices of CRM: John Roberts
In this podcast, John Roberts discusses open source CRM's prospects, compares it to on-demand CRM and shares why he stays friendly with Microsoft.

Replacements boosts efficiency with Oracle 10g on Linux
Replacements Ltd. is helping customers locate antique tableware more quickly than before thanks to newly implemented Oracle apps running on Red Hat Linux.

Veterans Affairs data theft should be 'call to arms'

Security experts say the recent Veterans Affairs data theft should serve as a wake-up call in the halls of Congress and the boardrooms of corporate America.

Security Bytes: Symantec fixes software flaw

Meanwhile: Microsoft prepares to roll out OneCare Live, McAfee hopes Falcon will soar and malicious email poses as a Microsoft security notice.

Reducing SOX testing could cut your costs

Technology that could help public companies reduce their compliance activities is being embedded in SOX-compliant software. But experts say CIOs need their external auditors on board for it to work.

Symantec vs. Microsoft: Headache for storage buyers?
Analysts warn that Symantec's intellectual property lawsuit filed against Microsoft could break down their partnership and lead to tougher purchasing decisions for users.

AMD chips signal new era in Windows shops
The reign of Wintel is ending as more servers appear in Windows shops that are powered by AMD's Opteron processors. One AMD executive talks about how his company is inching onto Intel's turf.


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